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Thanks for coming, and welcome to Nearside Games. Here you'll find some stuff.

The Second Edition

is being worked on once more. Playtests and background writing is nearing completion. Now all I need is 2000 to publish it. I'll accept donations. It'll kick butt. Due to REAL work commitments, however, it'll be a few months until you can see Second Edition. It'll be worth it.

Read about the man behind the Nearside.

The Broken Road

Listed here are links that Nearside Games uses often, and recommends heartily.
ARSE is more than just a statement- it's a way of life.
The Moonlit Trod is a brand new Changeling page which you should check out on a regular basis.
Crucible Designs' US Site is a good place for RPG links, especially to smaller companies. If you see Matt, say hi.
HotMail is free Email ! Yes, it's true ! Keep in touch with other Nearsiders...
This is the best place to go if you want to search for something.

This link goes to Jim Gaynor's Changeling Page, which I can recommend for it's stories ;-). Jim Gaynor is one of those folk on the Internet who hasn't sold out, and does it for the love of it. But Jim ! Where are you ?

Take a Walk on the Nearside

Here is a Broken Room, to anywhere and anywhen (on the Internet, at least). If anyone asks, make sure you shout 'Yahoo !' loud and clear.

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Nearside Games says hello to:

Jack Dinn and Boone, for the Home Page and Web Chat experience.
To Kaneda, for his endless help and patience in setting this page up,
Artist, Mephisto, PMT, Katherine, Scully, Vecchio, Vinny,
Pablo, Wiz, Wib, Strider, Case, Moosejaw, Gray Haze, Richard, ETR,
Cassidy, Spook, Homer and even DEVIL and MJ-12,
for just being themselves;
And Black Magic, for reasons too many to mention

Many thanks, also, to Aishling Brennan, for getting me into the Internet.

Some of these strange folk even have their own Home Pages ! Click and travel into realms of fear you never thought possible.

Since January, people have walked the Nearside. You may never see them again.

This page is under CONSTRUCTION !