My Real World Friends

And those whom I hate

Updated 8th December 1997
"It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious."
(Oscar Wilde)

What an interesting year. It's amazing how fortunes and friendships change. Time for an update. You'll see some new faces, and some old ones in new places.

First, some of the charming ones...

Here is some info on the movers and the shakers in my Real World Existance....
They are an ecletic mixture of mad and sane, tall and short, stupid and clever, but above all, cool.

I would include a picture of my friends, except I don't know how, and I don't have any. There you go.

Without wanting to sound soppy, my friends are the best thing in my life, right now, apart from the power to destroy buildings, which was granted to me in another dimensions by.......

If you want to see some more Friends try here.

I bet you thought I wasn't going to include some of the tedious people I know. Well, here they come....

Everyone who screwed me over at PC WORLD- You know who you are.

Those shites who sit behind me in cinema's and TALK !- I'll insert those crisps where the sun don't shine...

McDonald's assistants who are stupid- Why bother ? And why charge me for sauce one day and not the next ?

'Christians' who give sane Christians a bad name- You silly bastards. You make the rest of us look like total assholes...

Timothy, a russian- He came into our lives, briefly, and left again after annoying every single person who met him. Whilst I don't actually hate Timothy, I was sure wrong about him. I thought he was smart and fairly together, instead of the pompous, self-righteous idiot he turned out to be. You can spot Tim by the huge, garish Ankh he insists upon wearing. Wanker.

Gray, a bastard- Actually, like Tim, he used to live in The House, but he fucked me off in a very very very uncool way, and now lives somewhere else. I don't mean to be confrontational about the whole thing, but he's a cunt. Even now, a year after the event, my opinion hasn't changed. Wanker.

Gary- Yes, the same 'mate' of Tony's who used to be on the Charming List. Since he went mad and decided that Colin and Tony were the Devil, he's moved into a whole new area of scorn.

PLEASE NOTE How "Gary" and "Gray" are anagrams. Coincidence ? Yes.

Ewan's Ex-Housemates- My motto is "The Enemy of my Friend is My Enemy", so Ewan's ex-housemates, especially the Nic / Nik variant, live here.

Paul and Cathy- Who I don't hate, but I feel bad for the way they treated Tony. So there. They are included here for completion's sake only.

Anyone else who makes me mad- I've forgotten you tonight, but don't think I won't remember

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