Nearside's Life of Fiction

Yes, indeed, my Fictional Life, even...

"Literature: proclaiming in front of everyone what one is careful to conceal from one's immeditate circle."
(Jean Rostand, Journal d'un caractere, 1931)

Here are bits and pieces from my writing portfolio.

Well, it's more of an attempt to remember parts of my life which the aliens removed when I was abducted.

At the bottom of the page, you will find a link to one of my stories. I will be changing them regularly. If you really like this stuff, then EMAIL me or write to me, and let me know. If you are an Agent or a Publisher, please offer me lots and lots of cash so that I can do this for a living !
My Writing "Career"
If you would like to read one of my stories, then
Click here to read it. At your own risk, might I add.

By the way, everyone, I retain copyright of these stories. You have permission to print it out once and once only to read it, but then you have to keep it to yourself. Selling it will bring doom on thee, and thine family shalt feel mine mighty wroth till the seventh generation be past. And I'll sue your ass off if you publish it pretending you wrote it. Unless you give me the money, in which case, what do I care ?

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