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The Tale

You walk down the Spiral Stair, followed closely behind by Lord Galway. Finally, you emerge into a dark chamber, lit only by a few spluttering candles, and the green light of Balefire in a brazier at the far side of the room.

Sitting at a large table is a young Sidhe Wilder. He looks up, and smiles as you enter, and indicates for you to sit with him.

He pushes a large pile of ancient books out of the way, though it seems as if he has been looking through them just before you entered.

"Welcome," he says, shaking your hand, "I'm Kestry. I used to be the Duke of Belfast, until..."

Lord Galway sighs, the sound like thunder.

"Perhaps, Lord, our visitor should read the Shanachie's texts on the matter..."

Kestry nods, and pushes some newly scripted pages over to you. There are five sets.

Kestry says, "If you read these, then you will know as much as I about our situation here."

Lord Galway indicates a bookshelf at the far end of the chamber.

"Over there," he says, "you will find more information about other places of note to Changelings."

Do you read

Do you examine the other bookshelf?

Or do you smile, make your excuses, and leave?