My Roleplaying Life

A hobby that has changed my life- well, it's taken up some otherwise boring time.

One of my favourite hobbies is playing RPG's, or Role-Playing Games.
It's not easy to explain what they are, but you are all smart people. If you're here, chances are you've at least heard of the hobby. A brief summary, then:

I hope that acts a taster for my hobby.

My Favourite Games

I enjoy many different RPG's, but at the moment, I do have my preferences. They are;


I have written some fiction and some background material for Changeling
The entire epic tale will be set across three books, and I have finished the first book.The first book of The Belfast Child can be found on Jim Gaynor's Changeling Page
For more information on Changeling, please click here

Other Links

There are many places on the Internet which cater for RPG's. I will include these links below, to my favourite sites. You might find more information there , if you so wish.
My best mate, Boon runs a World of Darkness campaign.
You can see some stuff on it by pressing here if you like.
Other RPG links....

RPG and CCG Internet Hot List for some misc stuff.
Try here for stuff on GURPS.

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