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Internal Links

The Brick Glade:

Changeling Links

The Moonlit Trod
A great place for Changeling players, and it has a great selection of stories related to the game. Including some of my own work....
White Wolf
This is White Wolf's homepage. Lots of material can be found here, including Changeling stuff.
Changeling Chat Room at White Wolf
This takes you directly to the place where I spend most of my time online. Look for Kestry, and tell him Nearside sent you...

Other Gaming Links

Er.... it's a newsletter on RPG gaming, which may or may not be created by three local gaming companies...
Official In Nomine Site
The great game, converted by SJ Games into an alright game, can be found here. It's good source material, anyway...
Crucible Design's Homepage
Producers of The 23rd Letter, and that anime robot ninja game thing... Matt likes Macs.
Wasteland Games Homepage
The oldest RPG company in Northern Ireland, they're the most prolific. Go here, and be careful...