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Extract One

(from Report, 4th August 1996)

(SUBJECT: is man in late thirties. He has been kept in secure unit for three years. Prior to this, he was reported missing by his family for a year.)

SUBJECT: Why are you here to see me? More questions?

DOCTOR: A few more. For the record.

SUBJECT: Iím through explaining. Youíve heard it before.

DOCTOR: I havenít. This is the first time weíve spoken.

SUBJECT: Donít give me that. Youíve sat in that little room behind the mirror.

DOCTOR: But this is still the first time weíve spoken. So. Tell me where you were in 1992.

SUBJECT: (Laughs) You wouldnít believe it.

DOCTOR: Why shouldnít I? Are you lying?

SUBJECT: Iím not lying. Iím not lying. I donít even care if you believe me or not.

DOCTOR: Tell me again. Where were you?

SUBJECT: I was on another world.

DOCTOR: Not on Earth?

SUBJECT: Yeah, it was Earth, just not our one. Listen.. Iím not lying.

DOCTOR: How did you know it wasnít this Earth? What was different?

SUBJECT: It was sort of the same. It was the same year, and the same countries and stuff. But there was a war going on. A pretty bad one.

DOCTOR: Tell me about it. Who was fighting?

SUBJECT: Everyone. Back in í89, so I was told, there was this invasion.

DOCTOR: Who invaded? The Soviets?

SUBJECT: (Silence)

DOCTOR: Whatís the matter? Why donít you answer?

SUBJECT: Iím sick of telling you this. Iíve told this story a hundred times before.

DOCTOR: Actually, this is the twenty fifth time.

SUBJECT: Iím not saying anything more. Iím leaving this place.

DOCTOR: Thatís not going to happen. You arenít well enough yet.

SUBJECT: What about my family? Do they even know Iím here?

DOCTOR: Your family are fine. They donít worry about you anymore.


DOCTOR: Itís not important. Tell me about the invasion.

SUBJECT: They were aliens, okay? Bugs from space. They came, they saw, and they almost conquered. If it wasnít for the Americans and Chinese sending that shuttle up, weíd all be bug-food.

DOCTOR: But there was no invasion, was there? Thereís no war going on.

SUBJECT: Not here. We were lucky.

DOCTOR: I donít understand.

SUBJECT: Neither do I.

DOCTOR: Do you consider yourself to belong here or there?


DOCTOR: Where do you belong? Here, or the other Earth?

SUBJECT: They didnít lock me up back there. Iíll take them over you bastards.

DOCTOR: What did you do over there?

SUBJECT: I looked myself up. I had been... I was killed during the initial stages of the war. My wife was dead, and my kids were missing. I met up with some soldiers who had left their unit, and I joined up with them to fight the bugs.

DOCTOR: Have you had any military training?

SUBJECT: No. I was a computer programmer.

DOCTOR: It seems unlikely that a programmer would end up fighting as a soldier.

SUBJECT: It happened, whether you think it likely or not.

DOCTOR: You have been unable to provide us with any proof as regards your story.

SUBJECT: I donít need to. You know Iím telling the truth.

DOCTOR: (Silence)

SUBJECT: That surprised you, didnít it? You werenít expecting it.

DOCTOR: Explain.

SUBJECT: Well, when I was over there, I met others from here. Some of them had been jumping back and forth for years. Nearsiders, they called themselves. I guess Iím one as well.

DOCTOR: Where did you here that term? Here?

SUBJECT: (Laughs) You are so predictable. I heard it before, during the war with the bugs. They warned me about coming back. They said that the government would try and catch me. Youíve done it before, and youíll do it again.

DOCTOR: What do you intend to do about it? Youíre locked in a secure facility, your family thinks youíre dead, and you are totally alone.

SUBJECT: Youíre pretty smug, arenít you? You shouldnít be. Oh no.

DOCTOR: Iím not the one tied to a chair.

SUBJECT: Thereís more than one other Earth out there. Iíve been to a few, you know.

DOCTOR: You didnít tell us that before.

SUBJECT: I know. There was a reason. You might have heard of a world called Earth Thirteen. Itís pretty interesting for several reasons.

DOCTOR: We... I havenít heard of it.

SUBJECT: Itís a well kept secret amongst the Nearsiders. It lets me know a few things. I spent a month there.

DOCTOR: So what?

SUBJECT: Donít be so cocky. You donít know what I know. I made a few arrangements before I came back, in anticipation of my current status.

DOCTOR: What do you mean? Are you saying you knew youíd be here?

SUBJECT: (Leans forward) Your name is Susan Hayward. Youíre married with two children, Martha and Carl. She goes to Kindergarten on the USAF base. Here, on the base, I should add. Carl is in a private school just outside Washington. Your husband, Alan, is driving home from a conference with General Wilson, who runs this project. He will shortly drive through a red light, and end up being killed in a collision with a school bus. Itís empty, thankfully.

DOCTOR: Oh my god. Security ! Get security in here !

SUBJECT: In three months time, you will miscarry your child.

DOCTOR: How did you know? No one knows ! Not even Alan !

SUBJECT: (Silence).

DOCTOR: Youíre a monster.

SUBJECT: No, Iím not. Iíve warned you. Thereís still time to save them both.

DOCTOR: If he dies... Iíll kill you.

SUBJECT: No, you wonít. Iíll be gone in a couple of hours, so forget about it. Go and save your husband, you stupid bitch. Heís got about five minutes to live.

(End of excerpt)

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