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Wednesday 5th March 1997

(earlier messages are after this update)

Hello ! It's been a little longer than I had intended. But here, for your attention, is one of the Interludes which occur between Books One and Two of The Belfast Child. Enjoy ! It'll keep you going while I write Book Two. I'll see what else I can find, too.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been emailing me. Please continue !

5th Feb message
Welcome !
I've had more email this week than I've had in the last six months regarding a sequel to Book One. For those of you I haven't answered personally, this page will act as a regular update on the progress of the stories.
I'm considering either posting the sequels on a new page I'm arranging ( or sending them onto Jim Gaynor, who sadly has become a little disillusioned with his own page. I would appreciate, if you haven't already, emailing Jim with support, since he's done more than White Wolf has for the game.
Book Two will happen, but I have a real job now, as well as trying to produce material for my own rpg, The Nearside Project. But you've all been asking for the story to continue, and so it must.
At some point, I will try and place the two Belfast Child Interludes up on this page. They're short stories, part of the main story arc, but self-contained, belonging somewhere between Book One and Two.

Book Two
For those of you who are interested, Book Two will be another collection of five related short stories, similar to Book One. However, there are some new characters, and the story takes a new viewpoint. Don't be dismayed, it's all just setting the scene for Book Three, which will be the grand finale. (I sound a bit like JMS, sorry).
Hang on in there ! Book One took me six months to write, and I was unemployed at the time. With your continued support, we'll get the rest of the Tale on the net.

Drop the paper, and look around The Brick Glade again.
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