Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details
Stephen John Herron
187 Donegall Road

Birthdate 7th August 1970
Age 25
Marital Status: Single

Contact Phone Number: (0266) 871706

1975/76 Mossley Primary School
1976/82 Glengormley Primary School
1982/84 Belfast Royal Academy
1984/89 Ballymena Academy
1989/90 Nene College, Northampton
1990/91 Ballymena Technical College
1991/94 University of Ulster at Coleraine

Academic Qualifications

BA (Honours) English: Upper Second Class Honours. Awarded June 1994

A Levels
English, Grade C
Ancient History, Grade E
Computer Science, Grade E

AS Levels
Use of English, Grade C

Surveying, Grade C

English Language, Grade B
Physics, Grade B
Geography, Grade B
English Literature, Grade C
Maths, Grade C
Computer Studies, Grade C
Chemistry, Grade C

Other Qualifications
Grade 1 First Aid
Grade 3 Trombone

Work Experience

October 1989 to February 1990

Part time cook at Kentucky Fried Chicken at Northampton, whilst at college. Duties involved management of kitchen, storage and food preparation areas. Work hours were from 6pm to 2am three days a week, to tie in with college work. The pay was 2.30 an hour

February 1991 to May 1991

'Quasar' Marshal at Ballymena Sportsbowl. Duties involved briefing of players, supervision of gaming area, maintenance of gaming area and of equipment, as well as training of new staff. Works hours varied from noon to 8pm, or 4pm to 1am, four days a week. The pay was 2.50 an hour.

September 1992

Worked part time in a charity shop in Ahoghill. Duties involved managing the shop fully, from stock ordering to till operations. The shop was run on a voluntary basis.

Easter Vacation 1994

Worked as Usher in Playhouse Cinema, Portrush. The duties involved taking tickets off customers, taking them to their seats, and supervising the theatre during the film. Cleaning and tidying the cinema were also part of my duties. I worked one night a week for four weeks, from 6pm to 10 or 11pm. Payment was 7 a night.

July 1994 to April 1995

Worked as Sales Advisor at PC World. I worked in a number of capacities in the store, from Business Centre, to shop floor sales, and I gained a great deal of sales experience and product knowledge. In the Business Centre, I gained experience in dealing with the corporate customer, in determining and understanding their needs and in fulfilling those needs. On the sales floor I gained more general sales experience, ranging from successful customer interaction and store merchandising. Work hours were 48 per week, ranging from 9am to 6pm or from noon to 9pm. The salary was 8000 per year plus 0.4% commission on personal sales. I was rated as one of the top four salesmen in the store, and I was one of the best extended warranty salesmen in the entire chain.

April 1995- Present

Since leaving PC WORLD, I have been self-employed in a number of different roles, each of which has developed my skills.
I have worked on a Freelance basis as a writer for RPG magazines and have recently helped to complete a book with two US colleagues. A collection of my short stories is in the hands of a literary agent at the moment.
Also, I have advised private and corporate buyers on what computer equipment and software they require. This is an on-going project, but I have had some success with individual clients.

Computer Skills
I am very familiar with both Apple Macintosh and PC systems, as well as DOS and Windows 3.0 through Windows 95. I have used a large amount of software on both systems, but am most familiar with Microsoft Office (Standard and Professional), which includes MSWORD, MSEXCEL, as well as Lotus Amipro, Lotus 1-2-3 and Lotus Approach.
I have experience working with Netscape and Telnet software, and have developed enough skill with HTML Language to write my own Homepage on the World Wide Web.
I have used a number of different DTP packages, but am most familiar with Microsoft Publisher.
Although I do not possess any official typing qualifications, I have good keyboard and data entry skills.

Office Skills
I am familiar with Hierarchical filing systems, as well as Colour Coded systems, since I was involved with setting up an office at PC WORLD (see below). I have had experience teaching others how to use computers and software within an office environment, as well as experience with Mailshots and Telesales.


I have a rich and varied set of interests, some of which I have developed to a professional level.

I am interested in Role Playing Games, a hobby which is more popular in the United States. I have recently worked with a major US Company called White Wolf, and have just finished a joint project with Nicky Rea and Jackie Cassada from Asheville, North Carolina. This project took place across the Internet with EMAIL.

I enjoy tinkering with computers, and in fact built my own PC from 'scrap' for a very low cost.

My writing has developed from a hobby to a point where a literary agency is now considering my work.

I also enjoy cinema going, averaging sixty trips to the movies each year.


Professor Tony Bareham
Department of English
University of Ulster
Cromore Road
Co. Londonderry

Aishling Brennan
29 Hatfield Street
Ormeau Road

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