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The Bookshelf

You arrive over at the bookshelf. It only has a few books upon it at the moment.

You can get the book that is about The Safe House, a Freehold in San Francisco,

You may examine the text which has Jim Gaynor's Changeling Page in it.

There is an old text which describes Changeling's in Boston.

A well thumbed book appears to be the official White Wolf Changeling page.

In a well loved notebook, someone has written down their Changeling Thoughts

Next to it is a book, well read but well made which reads Changeling: The Dreaming upon the spine.

Then, a sparkling tome catches your eye.
You recognise it as a magical book which leads to another world- The Dreaming MUSH.

Yet another text is found, with the words The Dreaming upon its spine.

A fine, leather bound book sits next to it, called Sidhe's The Dreaming

You are surprised to see a text dedicated to that mysterious Noble House, Eiluned.

Another book about Boston catches your eye. It reads, Hub of the Universe

Someone has slipped in a novel here ! It's a 30's epic called The Maltese Changeling.

The next book belongs to Seth.

Finally, there is another large folio which is the records of a Virtual Freehold.

Lord Galway notices you admiring the Bookshelf. He says, "Perhaps the owners of these books will contact me, at some point."

He smiles. "Don't worry," he says, "I'll update the Bookshelf soon. There are a lot of interesting places out there, after all."

You nod, and walk back with Galway to the table where Kestry sits.